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Digital Manipulations

Gregory Vincent Photography offers a mix of digital and film-based photography with all packages. Bridal, engagement and formal portraits are done with medium and 35 mm format cameras, but we enhance our candid/photojournalistic coverage with digital. Even the film can be scanned and manipulated like original digital images.

We utilize state-of-the-art digital imaging hardware and software, including high quality scanning and printing at professional  photo lab. For editing digital files, we use the most powerful image editing program in the industry: Adobe Photoshop. Minor retouching is done for all online images. An example of a minor retouching would be an unwanted reflection, a small spot on a dress, the inevitable "wedding day facial blemish," or other minor defect. These minor flaws will be corrected, at our discretion, on all images that we print from digital files.  Prints directly from film are color corrected and spotted.

Special editing that requires a significant alteration will be charged a modest fee. For example, removing unwanted items or people from a photo, changing a background, adding color or tinting, retouching wrinkles, opening closed eyes, or reducing a double chin would be a major undertaking, and would involve an extra fee.

Advantages of Digital

Shooting directly to digital offers many advantages. For example, retouching a digital photograph is generally less time consuming, and therefore less expensive, than retouching a comparable film-based photo. Further, digital photography offers more control and allows a level of customization that is not otherwise possible.

Digital-imaging equipment expands our creative universe and allows us greater mobility. We control the entire process, from taking the photo, image editing and retouching, to delivering the final print. We're able to improve our delivery schedule for prints and wedding albums, and reduce our retouching fees.

Other advantages of using digital equipment include:
  • Greater permanence than film
  • More creative control
  • Equipment is very reliable
  • Fast turnaround
  • Immediate previewing via camera or computer
  • Full screen viewing on a home computer
  • Convenience of sending images via email
  • Easier to retouch, correct color and adjust contrast
  • Minor retouching is done at no additional charge
  • Digital images can be copied from one media to another without degradation
  • Reduces number of images ruined due to exposure or equipment problems
  • Black and white or sepia toned images available at no additional charge
  • Less susceptible to damage due to mishandling or improper processing

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