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Bridal Portrait & Engagement Creations

Bridal Portrait & Engagement Creation fees partly depend upon where your portrait is to be created.

Engagement Sitting Fee (on location, within 20 mile radius of New Orleans).............$100.00

                                                                        (includes proofs, two 5x7 photographs for newspaper)

Bridal Sitting Fee (on location, within 20 mile radius of New Orleans).........................$200.00

                                                                        (includes proofs, two 5x7 photographs, one 8 x 10 Display Portrait)


Additional Bridal/Engagement Custom Portraits suitable for display or wall mounted (Framed, lacquer sprayed and Textured)

8x10   - $90.00
11x14 - $150.00
16x20 - $225.00
20x24 - $300.00
30x40 - $500.00

  • custom portraits made of the finest photographic processing available
  • retouched using the negative and/or digital techniques when needed
  • printed with creative textures embossed into the surface to exact specifications
  • embossed texturing available in your choice of Pallet Knife, Canvas, or Linen finishes

Portraits can be taken for any number of reasons and Gregory Vincent Photography is equipped to provide the best service, support and equipment for all these occasions. Although styles of portraits vary depending on the particular tastes and desires of our clients, we offer the following guidelines to help you choose Gregory Vincent Photography to do your portraits.

  • Gregory Vincent Photography will to come to you to do your portraits. We understand that you may be more comfortable in your own home, office, or location of choice rather than a studio. The lakefront, a park or even your own backyard. Bring your pets, bicycles or whatever depicts your lifestyle. In fact, we don't own a formal studio; we prefer to use all of Louisiana as our studio!
  • Should you choose to have your portrait taken in a location of your choice, arrangements must be made far enough in advance to ensure we can accommodate you. Lighting is crucial to successful portraits. Gregory Vincent Photography has a wide array of lights, flashes, and reflectors to make the most out of any location, but time of day has a significant influence on the quality of light. But we need to know what to expect, so we can be prepared.
  • Popular location spots are City Park, NOMA, Antebellum Homes.

If you wish to have a bridal portrait made before your wedding, we will be happy to accommodate you in your home or location of choice. If you desire to display your portrait at your reception, arrangements must be made far enough in advance to insure you will have it in time. Typically 6-8 weeks before the big day.

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