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Looking for a fun way of showering the bride-to-be with unique gifts?
Or looking for a way of including both the bride and groom?

Plan a theme shower.

24-7 Shower
In the invitation, guests are assigned a time of day that the gift will be used by the bride. Morning, midday, and evening.

Activity Party
Good for a small group of friends very close to the couple. This may be something like painting the new home, planting flowers, decorating the reception hall.

Book Shower
For the couple that reads a lot! Each guest brings book or cookbook that they think will be useful in married life. You may also include item with the book, like a cooking utensil with a cookbook.

China and Glassware
Classic shower theme. As well as wine glasses, vases, and candleholders, the bride can also set up an online registry where the guests can pool their money and pick out gifts.

For the bride who loves being the perfect hostess. She will love elegant gifts for future parties!

Entertainment Media
Fantastic couples shower! VCR, DVD, movie videos, music, or even theater tickets.

Gift Baskets
Each guest brings a basket full of goodies! The variety of items also makes for fun present opening. If you decide to assign a specific genre for their basket (such as a room of the house or a type of food), let them know when they RSVP. You may also tell them in the invitation that they can choose a theme for their gift basket. As an idea for food serving, consider wrapping up a meal and dessert in an individual basket and go for a picnic in the backyard.

Great for bride or couple who has everything. Be sure to serve DELICIOUS food at this party. Serve rich, luscious chocolate for dessert.

Honeymoon Shower
If the couple has talked about their honeymoon location, this can be a fun party theme. Tropical drinks, travel poster, the works.
Hobbies and Sports
This works quite well for co-ed showers and second time brides!

Home Office
These days, just about everyone needs a home office. These are also very safe gifts for co-workers who may not feel comfortable giving personal items.

Great for first time brides. If the couple already has a kitchen together, have them make a wish list.

Lawn and Garden
Especially good choice if couple is purchasing a new home.

Combine this with a Victorian Tea party! Fresh flowers for table and potpourri sachet party favors for guest place setting. This is also a FANTASTIC idea for a second-time bride. Make sure you think about who will be attending the party too!

Linen can be expensive so relatives and close friends usually attend this kind of shower. You may also consider setting up a registry for this event. If the bride wants a larger, more expensive item, consider pooling the group's money together ahead of time.

The bride may have a large group of friends living very far away from her. In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to have a mini party where you call the bride on speakerphone, online chat room, or Internet cam. Feel free to order presents online and have them gift wrapped and shipped directly to the bride with a special note.

Recipe Shower
Each cook brings her own recipe along with an some items required for the preparation or the cooked item itself. You may also send out a blank recipe card along with the invitation. These recipe cards can later be combined into a special recipe book by the hostess.

Powder Room
In the invitations, tell guests the color scheme of the bride's bath.

Spa and Beauty
Every girl loves a little pure pampering. Treat her to lovely luxury and a day of fun with her closest friends.

Tea Party
Especially good choice for the health conscious bride. Provide music and various types of teas. This shower is also great for a group of friends.


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